2019 My Year of Evolution

Where do I begin except…To God be the Glory!  I am beyond honored to have been afforded the privilege to Serve in ministry during the past 30 years.  How well do I recall my first Women day message on May 14, 1989 at Holy Trinity Baptist Church in Algiers, LA.  There is so much more for me to learn but I have experience so much during this journey since that Sunday at 11 am.  Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, & Teachers have stretched, chastised, pushed, and nurtured me to this place of Destiny.  To all of you…Thanks from the top of my heart.

I firmly believe the gifts and callings of God are without repentance (Romans 11:29).  God is not like man to bestow something on us and then take it back.  However, I also believe one can’t operate within his/her gift under the Anointing and live in a disdained manner.  Lives are held in the balance each time I stand to minister.  Yokes are standing in position to stop the deliverance of God’s people by the preached word.  A gift can’t destroy those yokes of life…but the Anointing can! (Isaiah 10:27b)  The Anointing cost!  It cost me time away from so many pleasures of my flesh.  I lost a lot..but I’ve gained so much more.

During 2019, I want to celebrate God by being a blessing to as many as He allows.  My desire is to offer the precious gift of salvation to people of all walks and beliefs of life!  Not just in the pulpit but on the highways and by ways of living.

Finally, here are a few faces in ministry that forever kept me going during the past 30 years!  I had women assigned to me with platforms themselves, yet they took time to nurture me!  It was difficult as I have always been a military member.  Having said that…I had NO lady like qualities to sit, stand, and converse in a mixed setting.  These ladies took time to groom me, teach me how to study, dress, eat with the appropriate utensil (I still mess that up), but most of all, they NEVER allowed me to lose sight of what God placed inside of me.  Sisters…thank you!

Lois Blakes
Executive Pastor Lois Blakes, New Home Ministries~New Orleans, LA
Debra Morton
Pastor Debra Morton, Greater St Stephen FGBC,~ New Orleans, LA
Executive Pastor Patrica Watson, Watson Memorial Teaching Ministry, ~New Orleans, LA
Dione Brister
Dr. Dione Brister, First Lady,Beacon Light International Baptist Cathedral~New Orleans, LA

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