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Forgiven_BookA Spiritual Ladder to Forgiveness Workbook
The workbook that is literally changing the lives of thousands!  Are you sure you have forgiven all of your enemies, failed-relationship partners, family members, past mistakes as well as yourself?  Do you sometimes wonder if God has truly forgiven you?  Upon completion of this book you will be able to answer these questions honestly.  Forgiveness is not as always as easy as it sounds but through the four steps in this book, (Repentance, Forgiving Others, Forgiven by God, Forgiving Myself) are written in a very comprehensible manner.  This is the teaching tool Melonie uses in Forgiven Seminars throughout the country.  It comes with a beautiful detachable completion certificate that your ministry or group leader can sign.  Saddle stitched soft cover. 29 pages. $12.00